Pay With Amazon Gift Card

How to Pay With Amazon Gift Card?

25% Fee will be charged for gift card processing. 

(Only USA Store Gift Cards)

If you already have a physical Amazon gift card or eGift card, Then you can email gift card claim code to:

(In email write your uTop account email or Order ID, so we can identify payment)

Please also include gift card payment receipt and image. 


If you don't have you can purchase it from any local or online store.

Here is tutorial about how to send/ purchase it from official website.

Go to (Only USA)

1. Choose or manually fill amount. (Only $10, 20 and $25 face value gift card, you can send more than 1 card to fulfill your order.)

2. Delivery Type- Email

3. To:

4. Your name & Message: (Fill your uTop account email, it required to identify payment)

5. Then click "Buy Now" Button

Once we receive gift card , your account balance/order will be updated ASAP.

Usually it may take 1 hrs during working hours.