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How to Upgrade Baidu Cloud?

First thing Baidu Cloud ( is in Chinese language so i suggest you to use chrome browser, it can help you translate it to your language.  

We will provide you Top-up card, please use it carefully.

Here is tutorial, please follow it step by step:

1. Select membership type: Super VIP(超级会员) or VIP(会员)

2. Select a plan.

3. Uncheck offer checkbox (if available, as shown in image), Otherwise all payment option will be not shown as offer is applicable only for certain payment options.

4. Click "查看您更多的支付方式" to see all payment options.

5. Choose last payment option with name"点卡支付" (See image)

6. Click  button" 确认支付"

(Once you click button" 确认支付", payment page will open in new tab)

7. Choose last payment option with name "骏网一卡通" as shown in image.

8. Fill Top-up card face value(面额)

9. Fill card number(卡号)

10. Fill PIN(密码)

11. Then click blue button "支付" to submit payment.

12. Finally after successful payment click button "支付成功" on first tab (see image)