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Share-Online Biz Premium Account

Share-Online attached great importance to simple and fast operation.

But this should not be detrimental to the range of functions,

wherefore an interesting mixture from features and comfort was created.

In order to convince yourself, we recommend registering directly a free collective account,

which does not differ from the premium version in the user area (except for few distinctions).

Every user benefits from the long experience of the operators, which is presented by stability and speed as well as by ever new ideas.

Usability means to make available for every Upload previously finished forum links,

whereby you already see in forum, blog or where you integrate the link code if the Upload is still online or was already deleted.

Host details


Download Upload
  • Fast downloads - if desired without ticket waiting
  • And without any limitation
  • Convenient premium prices
  • Prepaid System for users with only casual usage
  • No subscription traps
  • Exact to the second counted premium durations
  • 1024 MB / 2 GB Filesize-Limit for Guest / Premium Users
  • FTP-upload for every registered user
  • Remote-Uploads of any kind of HTTP- und FTP-Source
  • Remote-Uploads from popular 1-Click-Hosting-Services
  • Convenient file-management - create accounts from premium-points
  • Upload and Linkcheck-API for maximized file control

Free Premium


  • perhaps CAPTCHA requests
  • Ticket-waiting (at least 30s)
  • Reduced download speed (now max. 125 kb/s)
  • Annoying advertisements
  • Only 1 download thread
  • Concurrent limited download slots
  • Downloads non-resumable
  • limited to 2 GB bandwidth per hour/file


  • 2 GB maximum file size
  • Removal of unused files after 45 days
  • Usage of all upload possibilities - no
  • Participation in all affiliate programs- no


  • Start immediately
  • No ticket-waiting
  • Unlimited download speed
  • No advertisements, pop-ups or layer
  • Concurrent downloads
  • Highest priority for download sessions
  • Downloads resumable
  • No hour-limitation


  • 2 GB maximum file size
  • No Removal of unused files
  • Usage of all upload possibilities
  • Participation in all affiliate programs