Baidu Cloud Premium

How to Upgrade Baidu Cloud?

First thing Baidu Cloud ( is in Chinese language so i suggest you to use chrome browser, it can help you translate it to your language.

We will provide you top card, please use it carefully.

Here is tutorial:

  1. Login your Baidu Cloud account here:
  2. Then go this page:
  3. Choose membership type: VIP(会员) or Super VIP(超级会员)
  4. Select membership duration
  5. Select payment method from dropdown menu (游戏点卡支付) as shown in screen shot
  6. Click that big orange(立即支付) button (Payment page will pop up in new tab)

  7. On payment page select last payment option with name - 骏网一卡通 
  8. Then enter
    • Face Value/amount of Voucher(面额)
    • Voucher Code(卡号)
    • Voucher PIN(密码)
  9. Click blue button(支付)

10. Once you complete payment please click blue button (支付成功) - as indicated in screenshot below.