uTop Points

Do you know you can get a premium key free at uTop.us?

Earn uTop points and buy any premium with it for free.

So how to earn uTop Points?

To earn uTop Points you must have an account with uTop.us, and if you don't have you can create here: https://utop.us/register

If you already have an account, then you can log in here: https://utop.us/login.

If you order any premium key at uTop.us, You will receive uTop Points in equal numbers to the price of the product you purchased.

e.g. If you are buying a product worth $100 you will get 100 uTop Points.

How much 1 uTop Point worth?

You will get a $0.01 discount for 1 uTop Point, so if you have 100 uTop Points = 1 US Dollar discount.

So if any product price is $1 you can get it free using uTop Point.

If your product price is more than available uTop Points yet, you can redeem it to get a discount.

How to use uTop Points?

First, choose the product you want to order and add it to cart then go to cart http://utop.us/cart

There you will see " Use uTop Points."

You can fill the amount equal to available uTop points and click the "Apply Points" button.

There will also display the maximum amount of uTop Point required to buy that product(s) in your cart.

You also can use uTop Points at the checkout page.

**No uTop points will be awarded for the products which are on sale or Coupon/reward discounted orders.

If you have any questions or want to know more about uTop points, please contact us.