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Ex-load Premium Key

Ex-load premium users enjoy super download speed and download

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Premium Features:

Unlimited download speed

Unlimited storage space

Unlimited upload Filesize

No advertisements

Download resumed on reconnecting

Unlimited parallel downloads

No downloads delay And many more...

Access from any device

You can share files with anyone who uses a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

It's easy!

It's 100% reliable

We care for the secure storage of your files.

We are here 24/7 to make sure that your files are safe.

It's 100% secure

It provides the highest level of protection for your files and secure way to store your information!

Use anytime

A reliable cloud storage system that allows you to access your files whenever you need it.

Any point of the globe

High speed from any location with internet access!

Gigabit networking and high-performance server!

What is Ex-Load?

Ex-Load - is a service, that allows you to upload, download, store, share your files online and access them at any time.

Why should I use Ex-Load?

There are many reasons for using it, such as: -

  • This is free storage space.
  • Not only you can download, upload files but also can easily share with friends.
  • You can download a large file, and share sends a link to an email.
  • Easily accessible remote storage of your files and data.
  • And also download files from friends.
  • and much more...