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Filespace Premium Key

FileSpace is an online file hosting provider.

They offer online storage, backup capacity, uploading & downloading tools.

With it, you can host files, pics, videos, audio and flash all on the same place.

Host details

Premium Features:

Unlimited Downloads

Storage space - 500GB

Remote URL upload

Unlimited download speed

Simultaneous downloads

Unlimited file lifetime

Why should I use it?

Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, it can help.

If you need secure backup/remote storage capacity,  It offers solutions for you.

If you want to access personal data/files from a variety of computers and,

don't want to carry around a USB disk, it is a perfect way of doing so.

How much bandwidth I can use in my Premium account?

You have unlimited bandwidth for upload and,

up to 40 GB bandwidth for download daily,

that is 2 times more than most file sharing service providers to their premium clients.