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Hitfile Premium Key

Hitfile not only provides unlimited download speed up to 1Gbps

but also an opportunity to download 1,000,0000 latest and most popular files,

with top of the line speed without any restriction whatsoever.

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Premium Features:

Maximum download speed.

Without ads and timeouts.

Download managers allowed.

What may file size be uploaded?

  • For registered users, the maximum file size is 100 Gb. (from browser only up to 4Gb).
  • Maximum uploading file size for Premium users is 100 Gb. (from browser only up to 4Gb).

How much may I download from hitfile.net?

  • The total size of downloads is restricted by your provider’s settings and your user status on hitfile.net.
  • If you are a free user, you may download about 5 GB a day if downloading continually,
  • but note that free account speed is limited.

What download software may I use for downloads?

  • You may use any popular program,
  • such as Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla,
  • as well as Google File Download Manager and other download managers.

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