Real-Debrid Premium
Real-Debrid Premium
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Real-Debrid Premium

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  5. Click “Convert” button.

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Real-debrid Premium Voucher

Real-Debrid is a service that enables the user to download from multiple hosts using only one account and save money. At the same time alleviate buffering for Streaming Apps with help of its high-speed servers. Third-party realdebrid Kodi Addons that make it easy to access and stream your files. Download or stream whatever you want on Internet, unlock the limits of file-hosters and download at full speed.

Official website and support links



Real-debrid plans & fidelity points

  • 30 Days - 200FP
  • 90 Days - 450FP
  • 180 Days - 800 FP
  • 360 Days - 800FP (Available only through resellers)
Real-Debrid also has an affiliate program. where you can earn additional premium days and fidelity points. One user referred using your affiliate link will add 5 days and 50 fidelity points to your account. If you accumulate 1,000 FP then you can convert it into 30 days of premium.

Real-debrid Premium Account Features

  • High-speed downloads, up to 90Mbps
  • No waiting times or advertising
  • Firefox, Chrome and Jdownloader Plugins
  • Streaming with embedded players
  • DLC, RSDF and CCF decrypt
  • Parallel downloads possible
  • Support for download accelerators
  • Multiple hosters on a single website
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 256-bit Secure Downloads possible
  • HTML5 Streaming (No plugin needed)
  • For more information check our FAQ page

How to activate my voucher?

  1. Please login or register at
  2. Then go to
  3. Copy Paste Your reseller’s/voucher code:
  4. Origin of voucher- please select:
  5. Click the “Convert” button.

How to add/authorize a device?

  1. Visit the My Devices page
  2. Click on the "Add a new device" link
  3. Enter the code displayed on your device to authorize it.

My account is premium but why speed is slow?

Speed depends on many factors and it can be affected by them.


  1. Server location
  2. Distance between your computer and server
  3. Your internet service provider (Some ISP slows or block foreign websites)
  4. VPN or proxy - if you are using a shared or slow VPN or proxy it may affect the speed.
  5. Operating system


  1. Try to download with VPN or a proxy
  2. Use a download manager such as jDownloader.

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