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Orionoid Premium Voucher

Orionoid / Orion is a service that indexes metadata, links, and

hashes from a variety of public websites and networks, including torrent, Usenet, and hoster indexes.

Big search engines like Google and Bing have web crawlers that

search through the code of websites to extract information, links, and other useful data.

Orion operates in a similar fashion to these search engines,

but it is a distributed system maintained by the community, ensuring continues and frequent updates.

If one user conducts a search, the results are cached on Orion's servers,

allowing subsequent users to retrieve those results instead of having to redo the entire scraping process.

This is especially useful for users with slow devices or those who simply do not want to wait for the lengthy scraping procedure.

  • Orion does not create, store, or distribute any files whatsoever, but only caches textual metadata to assist users in the search process.
  • Orion does not provide access to this data through a website, but rather provides a restful API which can easily be integrated by other developers into their websites, add-ons, or programs.
  • Orion takes pride in code quality, reliable service delivery, system integrate-ability and extensibility. We are also highly concerned about the privacy of our users.
  • Orion only requires an email address and password during registration and payments can be done in cryptocurrencies.
  • Orion does not keep logs, do not link user accounts to requests, and do everything possible to keep users' data private and access anonymous.
  • Orion does not share any data with third-parties since there is no data to share in the first place.

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Premium Features:

Ultra Fast Searches

Quickly and easily access millions of links and containers through advanced search algorithms

Advanced Metadata

Find exactly what you are looking for with customizable metadata filtering functionality

Diverse Sources

Retrieve stream links from a variety of sources, including torrents, Usenet, and hosters

Anonymous Access

Anonymous cryptocurrency payments and private access without logging.