Turbobit Premium Code

Turbobit turbo access offers the following features

  • Fast file exchange without signing up.
  • it supports https for safe information exchange.
  • Upload of files with one click from your computer or mobile phone and even from another website.
  • Turbo bit Uploader, a user-friendly desktop application for uploading files to your account.
  • Automatic selection of the least heavily loaded FTP server, to upload files to your account fast.
  • Download speed from our servers can reach ~ 1 Gbit/sec.
  • Upload of files up to 100 GB in size, or up to 200 Mb for unregistered users.
  • Storage time for files:
    • 30 days from the moment of the last download,
    • 60 days for Turbo (premium) users and
    • 7 days for unregistered users

For more information please visit the official website.

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